Dreamweaver: The Best Website Builder that lets you build professional websites easily

Adobe Dreamweaver ,also known as the best website builder, is a web development application which is developed by adobe system but was originally created by Macromedia.

best website builder With advance tools features like tables, forms, CSS styles, jump menu’s, rollover effects Dreamweaver is used to create web pages with cleaner and perfect HTML codes which display your web pages almost flawless in internet explorer, Firefox and Safari.

You can quickly and easily edit the pages in context editing which preserves your time, design integrity and is best for coding and pros.

Adobe Dreamweaver is known as the best website builder as it is the sharpest, swiftest tool for developing and editing dynamic website.

It is available for both windows operating system and Mac.

The most important things you need in order to create websites are a domain name and a web host.

Keep your site as simple and attractive as you can because when a visitor visits your website for the first time, he will get attracted from the homepage of your website.

Every word should be clear and properly aligned so that the visitor can understand what you actually want to convey through your website.

The fonts and colors should be eye pleasing and the most important thing to be noted is not to have any pop-ups on your website.

Build Professional Website

To build a professional website is not that a complicated task. The first step you need to start with is to have a domain name and a web host.

Few things to be kept in mind to build a professional website is to use attractive animated images with an average file size of around 1.5MB and try not to use lots of banners. It will make the visitors annoyed and decrease your traffic.

So to make your website impressive, just use the targeted and relevant banners which are required. This will make your website look even better and professional.

Create a Website in Dreamweaver

The first you need to do create a website in Dreamweaver is to create a folder which will hold your entire website.

To do this go to file-site-new site and begin with giving a name to your site and choose other options as per your requirement and finally when you are able to view the summary of your site click on done.

You can also create a separate folder for images where you can save images you have created for your website. It is up to your requirement and convenience how you want to manage the folders.

You can even create folders or sub folders like music, animation, PDF files and you can access these folders using the site manager. This is the way you can create a website in Dreamweaver.

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